Ahad, 3 Januari 2010

lucky! (jiwang)

pesanan kpd yg xde prsaan jiwng,jngn bce..
nnti loye lak.haha...

i feel lucky..
u noe y?
coz i have him
he's always there 4 me..
never scolded me..
always agree with everything i do..
always be supportive
listen to my problems
helped me with anything he can..
gives all of his heart to me
gives me his faith and trust
treat me like a princess
never hopes anything in return
and u still wondering y do i love u?
syg2..u're juz da sweetest

he said that
he's not the kind of guy who talks sweet things to gurl
he juz donna how..
then i said..
dats not true
coz evrytime u said u love me..
i melted like an ice in the sun
leya said what he said is true..
he juz say evrything straight from his heart

a few days back..
i realize dat his love for me..
is as much as my love for him.
i hope he wont be far from me
coz i cant take the distance
i have problems in being apart

like u said syg..
doesn't matter if u're not here
as long as i can c u everyday..
thanx to technology,we can c each other evryday!
isn't dat great?huhu..

p/s: gunakn kemudahan yang ada sebaik mungkin eh..jngn slh gune ^.^

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da bce tu komen jela.jd msnusia tu jngn pemalas sngt..

klik jela.

saya yang tulis bukan kamoo.. :)